Ad Of The Month October

Interactive Ad of the Month Award : October


Zombie Frontier

The Epitome Of A First-Person Shooter Game


Our inaugural Interactive Ad of the Month happens to coincide with the spookiest month of the year so we can’t showcase anything but ZOMBIES!

We’re highlighting this ad for a few reasons:

Clean Design - Besides the ability to stare the zombies straight in the face and feel like you are in the middle of the fight, the design is actually quite simple. The spilling zombie guts are the only part of this design that isn’t clean. Within seconds, it is easy to understand the concept that the user taps on the zombies to fight them. The effects are well placed, the animations are visually appealing, and all the components align so the user is absorbed in the zombie world.

Places The User Right In The Action - Even the way the zombies fall down emphasizes the first-person shooter aspect of the game. Depending on where on the zombies’ bodies you hit them, they actually fall in different directions. Also, there are a variety of zombie characters almost as if you are in a narrative.

It’s Pure Fun - With zombie guts spilling out and adrenaline-pumping reward every time you hit a zombie, this game is the type of attention-grabbing fun users enjoy. Flesh eating dead walkers are especially appealing for October. This game is created so it will escalate within 30 seconds so the user is really challenged to fight all the zombies. The game begins in an easy mode and becomes progressively more difficult coinciding with the typical user’s attention span.

Play it - and we’ll let the ad speak for itself.

Check back before Thanksgiving to see November’s interactive ad reveal!