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Light up the holidays! If you are decorating for the holidays, this Philips Hue playable is for you. Explore the different hues of Philips Hue in less than 30 seconds! Play the December 2017 Ad of the Month. 

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Cruise Into Glam in 2018!

Brand: Gilt

2018 is here, and it’s your year. 

Take control in this first-person driving game (and snag some sweet deals!). If you have style and love a steal, this Gilt car game is for you.

Here’s how this game pulls out all the stops:

Cohesive Design:
This first-person driving game has a number of small details, but they all flow comprehensively. If you look closely, you will notice the buildings have names on them, there are city towers in the background to indicate your surroundings, and you can change the speed of the car. And if you turn the car quickly, you will see smoke rising from the tail pipes. The car’s features indicate you are in a luxury vehicle. Gilt’s products are showcased, but are not in your face. You get a quick glance at them as you drive by and collect the items. You are in a state of discovery of your surroundings — just like on any car ride (but no need to watch for pedestrians during this sweet ride).

Glitz and Glam in 2018:
You are cruising around in the city, while learning about the merchandise making this game engaging and informative. The car game fits the theme of discovery as you are driving toward and accruing deals. On the back end, users can see a varying number of items before reaching the CTA. The CTA, which is consistent with the theme of discovery, uses a tagline “Your daily destination for style discovery” alongside the “Get the App” button. Any way you drive, it is a smooth ride in this game filled with understated luxury. You feel the thrill of Gilt’s site where you can purchase high-end products for impressive prices.

In this game, you can get somewhere fast. Cruise into 2018 in style. And let’s be real — this game is just cool!

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