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Light up the holidays! If you are decorating for the holidays, this Philips Hue playable is for you. Explore the different hues of Philips Hue in less than 30 seconds! Play the December 2017 Ad of the Month. 

Interactive Ad of the Month Award : February




Studio: Pocket Gems

If you’ve ever wanted to choose your own adventure in an alternate world, this game is for you!

Episode is an interactive mobile story platform — with a number of create your own scenarios. In this one, the user decides the fate of continuing to pine over his or her true love or letting the person go.

This game relies on two aspects to stand out:

The drama unfolds as the game plays with your emotions in a dramatic situation of morbid fantasy. Your sense of black, sardonic humor comes into play. It is also an emotional sort of humor that users can relate to on multiple levels. There is an aspect of simplicity as you dive straight into the story. For Generation Z, a game audience which is usually difficult to capture, this active participation through opinion sharing and relatable humor ensures the game resonates.

As a choose your own adventure, you have the option between two starkly contrasting choices — wait for your beloved or move on with life. You are able to live out these situations virtually by tapping to choose an action. The game is similar to reading an exciting story where you have the power to control the next move of animated characters. The background elements, settings that change with each part of the story, only amplify the drama and narrative. The user is able to shape the outcome and play a starring role — an aspect very appealing to a Gen Z audience.

These Hollywood-caliber stories mimic popular movies. For example, the six months later screen is highly reminiscent of any number of feature films.

The Call to Action is to “Continue Playing,” because after you get a taste of this story, you’ll certainly want to adventure some more.

If this tickled your fancy, there is also another story called Eight Babies (a la Octomom) or the chance to live out high school in another Episode.

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